Laura C. Bates is a Canadian violinist, songwriter, vocalist, educator and performer. Born in Stratford, Ontario but now based out of Toronto, she has been playing the violin for over 25 years and has developed a strong reputation for her technical musicianship and creative versatility. Laura was the first violinist to graduate from Humber College’s renowned Jazz and Contemporary Music program, but she cut her teeth busking on street corners, closing dive bars and living out of a van on cross country tours.

Her wide range of talents in violin, voice, composition and arranging have made Laura a highly in-demand studio musician and sidewoman. Her career has been marked by high profile appearances on a variety of records and film scores, live performances at many renowned festivals, and multiple award nominations across a range of musical genres (see Laura’s C.V. for a comprehensive list).  In addition to performing with her regular projects The Boxcar Boys (prohibition-era jazz) and Völur (brutal doom metal), Laura has recently worked with luminary Canadiana band Trent Severn, Grammy winning artist Ed Sheeran, Juno awarded artist Lawrence Gowan, rising star Scott Helman, and Canadian Astronaut Chris Hadfield and is currently on the road with 2020 Juno nominee iskwē.

When she’s not shredding on the violin, Laura can be found frequenting the Toronto metal scene, losing at pool games, paddling a canoe through Algonquin Park, or tending to her two tarantulas Dolly and Arwen.